El Dorado Men's Golf Club

El Dorado Men's Golf Club

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Golfer of the Month

January GROSS No Winner
NET 66 Brad Wilcox

Most Improved Golfer

  • 2019 - Nick De Lia
  • 2019 4Q - Scott Dietschak
  • 2019 3Q - Frederick Woolfork
  • 2019 2Q - Sonny Nimkhum
  • 2019 1Q - Mike Montgomery

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2019 Flights Champions

flights champs
Director Mike Vaughn with Champions - Walter Lee (Treasurer), Henry Degraaff (Dir.), Mark Ziegenhagen (VP), Omar Diaz (Pres.)

2019 Senior Club Champions

senior club champs
Jeff Thomas (Champ.), Cliff Aichele (A) and Sheldon Drantch (B)

2019 Club Champions

Sonny Nimkhum (Champion), Corey Smith (A),
Lee McCullough (B)

2018 Golfers of the Year

golfers of the year
Sonny Nimkhum (Gross)  Scott Lindman (Net)