El Dorado Men's Golf Club

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El Dorado Men's Golf Club
Box 15687
Long Beach, CA 90815

Membership Renewals for 2018 and beyond

All current members will receive email notifications from SCGA 60 days prior to expiration of your current membership. If you do not have an email address, you will receive a snail mail reminder. For most of us, these notifications will go out on November 1. Simply renew on line – very easy and quick.

If you have no email/computer/credit card, you must go to the Pro Shop, completely fill out a Renewal Card, write a check, put both in an envelope, and place the envelope in the drawer. Renewals are $110 and must be completed prior to December 15th to remain on the roster for 2018.

Those failing to renew on time will be dropped from the roster and will need to apply as a new member ($130 fee) after January 1st.

Renew Membership

Rob Kuehn, Club Secretary