El Dorado Men's Golf Club

Scramble Tournament Rescheduled for Feb. 19 - The tournament has been moved with existing entries and tee times, replacing the Select Drive. Priorities from the January Meeting will roll forward to the March tournament.

El Dorado Men's Golf Club

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Golfer of the Month

December GROSS 69 Erick Simmons
NET No Winner

Most Improved Golfer

  • 2022 - Sasha Bozic
  • 2022 4Q - Jim Jamison
  • 2022 3Q - Jeff Thomas
  • 2022 2Q - Stephen Friend
  • 2022 1Q - Edward Taguchi

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2022 Flights Champions

flights champs
David Rubin (Pres.), Erwin Ripoll (VP), Paul Yoon (Sec.), George Manyak (Treas.), John Yeakel (Dir.)

2022 Senior Club Champions

senior club champs
Jeff Thomas (Champ.), Jim Fuchs (A) and
Henry DeGraaff (B)

2022 Club Champions

Alex Resurreccion - Club Champion,
Robert Dunatov - A Flight Champion,
Patrick Saldana - B Flight Champion

2021 Golfers of the Year

golfers of the year
Dave Rubin (Gross)  Jason Brendle (Net)